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Adaptive School 

What is Adaptive School? 

       Our Adaptive School program is an initiative designed to support children with social,
emotional, and functional skill deficits. Our comprehensive program utilizes evidence-based
strategies rooted in applied behavior analysis and special education to create an inclusive and
supportive environment for neurodiverse learners. Clients receive individualized interventions to
build critical life skills related to communication, self-regulation, executive functioning, and
relationship development.
       Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, the Adaptive School starts by getting to
know each child and developing customized learning programs tailored to their unique needs
and strengths. This allows clients to gain self-confidence as they develop techniques to manage
their emotions, focus their attention, interact positively with peers, and meet important
developmental milestones. With the right supports in place, children who learn and interact
differently can gain the functional abilities needed to control their behavior, make friends, and
fully participate in activities alongside peers.
       The collaborative efforts of speech therapists, occupational therapists, and mental health
staff are critical for a program to holistically address the needs of each unique learner. Their
specialized expertise complements the behavioral interventions implemented by ABA therapists.
Together, the therapies and supports allow clients to build skills, participate to their full potential,
develop independence, and experience success with peers.

Preschool School 

Preschool at Whole Child Therapy:

         Our Autism Preschool program provides a nurturing and supportive learning
environment for young children on the autism spectrum. The program is designed to meet the
unique needs of preschoolers with autism, incorporating evidence-based practices such as
applied behavior analysis and structured teaching. Children engage in customized learning
activities to build communication, social, cognitive, motor, and adaptive skills. Visual supports
like picture schedules, first-then boards, and sensory tools are thoughtfully embedded to help
students understand routines, transition between activities, and self-regulate.
        We pride ourselves in having speech, occupational therapy, and mental health services
available in our preschool which allows early identification and intervention which is so important
for young children. These therapeutic services help maximize preschoolers' learning, growth,
and success by addressing developmental needs in communication, motor skills, regulation,
and socio-emotional health. The therapists collaborate with other disciplines and families,
modifying curriculum and environments to help each child reach their potential. Preschool
therapeutic services lay critical foundations for future learning, relationships, and life.
        Our low client-to-staff ratio and experienced autism professionals ensure each child
receives individualized attention and prompting to participate successfully. Social skill building is
a major focus, with opportunities to interact with peers in small groups, learn appropriate
behaviors, and build relationships. The caring, positive environment allows preschoolers with
autism to learn, play, and gain critical skills for future success.

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