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Does WCT diagnose Autism?

We DO!  Anna Hunsaker, CSW, has completed rigorous training to administer and evaluate children using the ADOS, which is the gold standard of Autism testing.  We assess from 30 months to 18 years old.  

What is the earliest my child can be treated at WCT?

We begin as early as 2 and can see all the way through 18.  

Does WCT only see children with Autism?

No, we see children of any disorder and delay, we specialize in Autism, but all of our therapists have worked with children with other disorders, such as Down syndrome.  


How much do services cost?

Under our services page it indicates the cost of our consultations.  After our initial consultation we have a clearer idea of what assessments cost and will provide a variety of assessment options depending on the referral question.  Unfortunately due to the restrictions and contracts we have with Insurances we cannot freely post our rates, however, after a consultation we strive our very best for each client to understand how much they will have to pay depending on their plan.  

How long will it take to begin receiving services?

Once your child has come for a consultation we strive to schedule evaluations within 2 weeks and begin treatment as soon as possible after that.  It can take anywhere from 2-12 weeks based on insurance carriers and accessibility of documentation.  Our goal is to provide services as quickly as we can.

Where will my child be receiving services?

Speech and Occupational therapies are provided at our Spanish Fork clinic.  

Our ABA services are offered both in clinic and in home-  Home-based sessions offer opportunities for individuals to learn within the context of an environment that is central to their lives. These sessions are focused on individualized goals to improve daily functioning, play routines or leisure skills within the home, and other developmental goals to increase child and family interactions.  We encourage our home-based interventions to include siblings, parents, caregivers, or other family members.

Clinic-based sessions offer opportunities for individuals to learn within a context that is more similar to a classroom or therapy space. Sessions in the clinic can be conducted with the provider and client, or within a small group. The clinic based environment is individualized based on what each individual needs and if engagement with other peers or clients would be beneficial for programming. 

Our home-based ABA services are available from Orem to Nephi. 

What if my child is receiving services through the school district?

Collaboration is a large part of our mission.  We would love to work together with any other services your child is receiving. 

Do you accept outside agency testing/evaluations?

Each case is carefully considered.  Acceptance depends on how recently the evaluations were given, what qualifications the professional held, and whether we consider that assessment valid for our assessment plan.  

Do you provide parent training?

Absolutely. Parent training sessions help parents to gain additional strategies for teaching and interacting with their child. At WCT we believe that parents and families are the most influential teachers. Our experience and a significant amount of research, has validated that working closely with parents and family members leads to optimal results in the treatment of autism. Parent training is a critical component of every child’s program at WCT. 

Does WCT accept health insurance?
Yes! We accept most major insurances.  We also accept credit cards, including HSA cards. Otherwise, we are happy to provide you a detailed sales receipt following full payment, with the necessary insurance codes you will need to seek possible reimbursement from your insurance provider. Please contact your insurance company in advance to find out if they reimburse for services (ABA, speech & language, OT).

Does WCT provide physical therapy?

At this time we do not provide physical therapy.  If this is a service your child requires, in addition to the other services we provide, please let us know using the Contact Us form.  

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