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More than just ABA

Have you ever heard an ABA company say "ABA has speech and OT 'built in'?" Our philosophy is there are specialties out there for a reason. ABA specializes in changing behaviors, which can include communication behaviors and motor behaviors, but to get the highest level of treatment working with the right specialist can make all the difference.

So what is the Whole child difference?

ABA is a BEHAVIORAL therapy,

Speech and OT are NEUROLOGICAL* therapies, and

Mental Health is a PSYCHOLOGICAL therapy.  

Knowing this distinction can help parents understand and pursue the best combination of treatment for their child.  All 4 of our therapies integrate concepts and principles from each other, however, each therapy is specialized to treat behaviors, brain development, or emotional/coping skills.  

Best part is, all 4 therapies are in one place!

Because all 4 disciplines are on the same team with daily interactions, we work together in ways that most autism teams cannot.  This collaboration makes it possible to target the WHOLE CHILD!

*By "Neurological" we mean that speech and OT target creating new synapses in the brain to create better processing and synthesis of information.

With all the right elements we can make the Greatest difference

ABA Behavioral Therapy

Whole Child Therapy - Triangle - Yellow.

Speech & Language Therapy

Whole Child Therapy - Triangle -

Occupational Therapy

Whole Child Therapy - Triangle -

Mental Health Therapy

Whole Child Therapy - Triangle - Green.p


Here at Whole Child Therapy, we are so excited for summer! We know that with summer means that your schedule changes and other activities and commitments arise. We want to help create a summer schedule that works for you and your family! If you already know your summer schedule and are ready to start planning your schedule, please fill out the link below. We can't guarantee if you pick a certain spot that you will get it, but we will try our best to make it work for you.




We are dedicated to helping individuals and

their families reduce the feeling of isolation

that comes from having a child with a

disorder, especially autism.


We use the most up-to-date information

and training to provide the highest

standard of excellence.

Team Work

We know that the most substantial improvements are made when families, therapists, and others involved all work

together to create the greatest impact.  

In addition to Autism treatment, we offer occupational therapy and speech & language services to the whole spectrum of disorders, such as non-verbal or minimally verbal, late talkers, articulation, sensory processing, handwriting, modifications to daily living, balance and coordination, etc.

Please contact us for more information.

We accept these

Insurance Providers

Select Health


University of Utah Health Care


Blue Cross Blue Shield


United Health Care


Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators




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